About us

Damon & Wendy Stalworth, a husband and wife team opened their very first Family owned restaurant, D's Original Take Out Grill in 2009 and it's still going strong. Their passion, hardwork, dedication and love for what they do and the clients they serve make it all worth it while on the road to success. Sure to be many more years and locations to come! 


       Chef "D" Damon Stalworth, a Detroit native with roots stemming from Alabama learned the family secrets and seasonings from his  Grandparents. They nurtured his love for food and creating tasty cuisine at a very young age. While traveling abroad, one trip to the  Ivory  Coast changed his view of life. Walking the streets of West Africa, he saw with his own eyes customers lined up daily to buy  grilled beef and chicken brochettes from a cart. The vision became clear to move forward doing what he loved. Damon said goodbye  to the corporate world and recreated himself and career as Chef "D". His D's Original All Natural BBQ Sauces have been sold for over 15  years in Whole Foods across the Southern Pacific Rim. At the end of the day, Chef "D" says: "The best part of it all are the raving              reviews and compliments that come from everyone who simply loves my food".