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The DSOG Story.....


How it Started

A young boy named Damon, a Detroit native, learned family secrets and seasonings in the kitchen from his grandparents with roots stemming from Alabama. They nurtured his love for food and creating tasty cuisine from the very start. His humble beginnings preparing the families holiday meals earned him the key to Grandma Pearls recipe book & Grandpa Sam Brown's grilling techniques. In his adult years he found himself working in the corporate tech field and rolling thru the city with his barrel in tow on the back of his truck. Wherever he stopped that's when the party and grill would start, lol.

let's call him D' Original BBQ Man

While traveling abroad with his mom, that one trip to the Ivory Coast would change his life path. Walking the streets of West Africa he saw customers lined up daily buying grilled beef and chicken brochettes from a cart. It was clear then that his love and passion for food would be his new career and life choice. Damon said goodbye to the corporate world and reinvented himself as Chef D

Damon Stalworth

ie: The D'S in D's Original,

 has enhanced his Grandma's BBQ sauce, perfected his Grandpa's grilling & smoking techniques in all cuisines & has landed those flavors in major distribution channels for grocery store's and restaurants abroad.....

How It's Going...

Fast forward from Chef D's earlier 80's & 90's endeavors Executive Chef, Menu Creator, Restaurant Owner, Restaurant Consultant & Partnerships such as:

D Only 1- Westwood, CA

Strattons Bar & Grill - Westwood, CA

Ribs USA - Burbank, Ca,

The Rack Shack - Pasadena, Ca 

The Rib Company - Pasadena Ca

 & OJT with a very diverse cultural line of Chef's over the years led to serving a multitude of celebrity clientele via Special Events, Film Productions & Corporate Catering

A now "Seasoned Chef D" in 2008 would be introduced to Wendy, an entrepreneur but experienced Marketing & Sales Executive from the Fashion & Corporate world ie: Bloomingdale's & Xerox, with a plethora of many business creative talents to jump start his newly acquired catering company, Great Western Caterers. While assessing his history from a branding standpoint, GWC was revamped and Chef D's Original Catering was born bringing Chef D's well earned notoriety to the forefront. While growing the brand early on in their partnership, they would sublet what is now their first brick and mortar for catering gigs.

The universe saw fit that they partner in more than one way........and now they are The Stalworth's:)

We are a multi faceted Food Production and Consulting business held by Stalworth Legacy Group, LLC

D’s Original Take Out Grill is our Family run Brick & Mortar, our food development product line is D’s Original Foods, and our full service food production is Chef D’s Original Catering..

Great taste is the name of the game and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. Our goal is to provide delicious, made from scratch menu options that are reminiscent of home no matter the culture or cuisine.

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