D'S Original Products

D's Original Product line consist of the most authentic sauces and fresh seasoning blends with a generational lineage of over 100+ years. The flavor profile of these ingredients are as authentic as you can get! Our products redefine cooking: showing you what it truly means to cook with love in every bite.

Over a century ago in the late 1800's by way of Montgomery, Alabama a Great Great grandmother known as "Mama Joe" created the most succulent BBQ Sauce and combinations of seasonings that literally made meat melt off the bones. She soon opened her very own restaurant servicing her small town with delicious cuisines. Generations of her naturally talented Southern Family of cooks passed down those very same recipes clear to the 20th Century reaching grandmother " Pearl Brown". After migrating to Detroit she carried the same spirit and colorful pallet as Mama Joe cooking up those family recipes at every Sunday Dinner, Holiday & Family gathering. Her then very young grandson Damon watched her create magic in the kitchen absorbing every technique and detail put into making each dish. Fast forward to 1987 that same grandson would invite Granny Pearl to Thanksgiving Dinner @ his home in Los Angeles, California and give her a break from all that hard work while paying homage & showing her what he learned over those years.

That book of recipes would then be handed over to who we now know as Executive Celebrity Chef Damon Stalworth. 

"She said, son you've now made these recipes your own!!!" and passed the torch!

Join our flavorful history in the making. Purchase your next bottle of the Original or Spicy versions either in our Brick and Mortar or at your local Whole Foods Market.

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